SGRC 2024 was held at Colmsliehill Range from 5-7th July 2024.

Organised by Scottish Target Shooting (STS) represented by Scott Lyon, and staffed by many members of STS from Aberdeen, Dundee, Northumberland and JSPC members.

The courses of fire offered were Timed and Precision One (TP1), Multi Target (MT) and 1020, open to all types of “Gallery Rifle” firearms: classified as Centrefire Rifle, Small-bore Rifle, Long Barrelled Pistol and Long Barrelled Revolver.

Medals were awarded to the winner of each firearm type, and the Trophies were awarded to the highest aggregates. This will be clearer from the results:

Congratulations to two shooters who set new Scottish Championship records:

Charles Bestwick: GRCF Classic, TP12, 300.14

Phil Milsom: GRCF Classic MT, 110.09

Meanwhile, some photos as usual:

Award for the highest scoring “new shooter”
Chris Douglas won the Rifle Trophy
Jonny Cormie won the Pistol Trophy