The Aberdeen Wapinschaw has a long history. Its origins lie in the mediaeval practice of national and local defence where every man of any means was expected to provide himself with arms and armour and to turn out when required armed and ready to defend the country. At regular intervals, usually once a year there would be an inspection of these weapons at a “Wapinschaw” or weapons showing where the local King’s man would ensure that people had the weapons they were required to hold. The event would be combined with shooting and other competitions.As the years went by the event changed until in the nineteenth century it became associated with the volunteer rifle movement. The volunteers were citizens who equipped themselves with military rifles and equipment and organised themselves into volunteer companies. These were the predecessors of the Territorial Army who organise the competition these days.

When it comes to trophies, the Wapinschaw boasts one of the finest trophy tables in the UK. For the civilian competition, the centre-pieces of this table are The King’s Cup, a magnificent 18” high solid silver trophy and presented in 1904 by King Edward 7th, which is currently awarded to winners in Open Class and one of the original prizes from the 1862 event, the County Ladies Brooch, which is awarded to the overall Civilian
Wapinschaw Champion.

The Prize Table

Below are some members of the Scotland Gallery Rifle Squad who participated with success in the 2011 events

Charles won the prize for Muzzle Loading Revolver


Lara collecting the prize for Long Barrelled Pistol

Leslie won the prize for LB Revolver
Glenn won several of the Small Bore GR prizes
Greg won most of all with a dazzling display of all round GR shooting

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