PHOENIX 2013 (Bisley)

Bisley presented the Phoenix 2013 entrants with its usual mix of weather conditions.

Friday soaked us through (in my case to my socks) but Saturday and Sunday were glorious sunshine.

I kept my camera out of reach during the shooting to avoid further distractions ( that did not help my performance it seems) but managed to capture some reasonable shots at the prize giving ceremony.

Scotland did well to win BOTH the Centre Fire and Small Bore team events gaining victory over both England and Wales, and our hearty congratulations to them on a great performance and achievement.

Members of the Scotland Gallery Rifle Squad collected many medals and trophies both at Competition and Standard levels but I will leave Colin to sift through the results once they are published.

30.05.2013 Hot off the press: email from Glenn G:

“Who knows what happened but I hope you lot are sitting down
1 Scotland
2 Wales
3 England
4 SA
5 Germany
6 Scotland
7 Scotland
8 England
9 England
1 Scotland
2 SA
3 Wales
4 Germany
5 England
6 England
7 Scotland
8 Scotland
9 England
A letter of apology was emailed by Chris Farr, NRA Match Director, on 4th June and can be seen on a seperate post.
Please go to the website to access the full results and list of prize winners.

However, here are some of the photos from the ceremony on Sunday, and as usual, if anyone has any concerns about their photos online, please let me know as soon as possible and I will remove them from the website.






The competitors await their fate!

The competitors await their fate!

My apologies for the lack of flash which resulted in some fuzzy indoor photos.

All photos courtesy of Leslie K.





2 comments to “PHOENIX 2013 (Bisley)”
2 comments to “PHOENIX 2013 (Bisley)”
  1. News today that Scotland came in at number ONE in both Smallbore and CentreFire events in the National Team Competitions.
    A great achievement considering the tough competition from England, Wales, Germany and South Africa!
    Well done lads!nn1

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