Shooting Disciplines explained


Gallery Rifle


The Gallery rifle (GR) disciplines cover events shot at short and medium distances using various rifles and pistols.  Many of the events are classified so competitors shoot against others of similar ability. The SPA hold open meetings at Colmsliehill near Galashiels five times a year.


Check out the SPA website ‘GR Results’ page to see what the Scottish Squad have been up to lately.


Competitors can take part at all levels from club to international.


The GR community is a friendly one and competitors of all levels of skill are equally welcome. No need to think ’I’m not good enough’ it’s there for everyone to enjoy.


The Firearms


Gallery Rifle Small Bore (GRSB)

Most competitors use a semi automatic .22 rifle. In some events it is possible to use pump action, lever action or single shot rifles.


Gallery Rifle Centre Fire (GRCF)

Most use a lever action rifle in a pistol calibre e.g. .38/.357 or .44

There are also other rifles which use different designs.


Long Barrelled Pistol (LBP)

These are mostly semi automatic pistols in .22 with an overall minimum length of 600mm. Single shot pistols can be used in some events.


Long Barrelled Revolver (LBR)

Revolvers in a variety of calibres, commonly .38/.357 or .44 with an overall length of 600mm are used.


The Events

The majority of events are shot at distances between 10m and 50m. There is a large selection which only requires a range of 25m.


The most common position is standing but some events call for kneeling, sitting or with the weak shoulder or hand.


Some are deliberate precision events while some require the competitor to shoot and reload quite quickly.

The targets can be stationary or turning at set intervals or even moving.


Many of the events are based on the courses of fire used in pistol events. E.g. For ‘Police Pistol’ read ‘Timed & Precision’ and for ‘Service Pistol’ read ‘Multi-Target’


National and International

Scotland, England and Wales have GR teams. Squads are selected based on performance at shoots run by the SPA and NRA and by various clubs around the country.


For more information on Rules, Courses of Fire, Range Commands, etc. Visit the Gallery Rifle websites. and