BILL VAUGHAN TROPHY. Results 19.03.2023

Ian Burton collecting the Bill Vaughan Trophy 2023 from Colin Oswald (JSPC Chairman)
Very fitting as Ian was a shooting colleague of Bill, both very keen and able followers of Prone Target Rifle

This was a new competition in memory of Bill Vaughan who passed away recently. A trophy has been ordered to commemorate the event.

Many thanks to Stuart Russell who helped to organise the competition, and also accepted the task of scoring the targets. Outward scoring meant many losing points they did not wish to lose!

A few photos show the intense nature of the competition, but thoroughly enjoyed by those taking part.

As usual, it was so disappointing to see so few members at the range. It would be helpful to the committee to know why so many avoid our competitions. In two weeks time, we are hosting the JSPC Spring Open weekend and already we have almost 50 competitors, some of whom are travelling from the very south of England, and others from the north of Scotland. Surely our “local” membership can show face??

Congratulations to Ian Burton on winning his first JSPC competition as relatively new member to JSPC. Ian has many years experience as a shooter (alongside Bill Vaughan as well) but has now got the Gallery Rifle bug.

Here are the results:

Name Score
Ian Burton 93
Alan Mitchell 92
Stuart Russell 90
Phil Johnston 86
Chris Douglas 85
Robert Beale 83
Doug Green 82
Colin Oswald 82
Bill Pow 82
John Paterson 77
Leslie Kong 77
Dave Nicoll 71
Joseph S Uy 70
David Rees 70
Cynthia Plag 66
Lea Cooper 50
Dave Ferguson 16
Name Score
David Rees 68
Ian Burton 61
Leslie Kong 60
Chris Douglas 59
Dave Nicoll 58
Stuart Russell 52
Doug Green 52
Joseph S Uy 51
Lea Cooper 49
Bill Pow 28
Colin Oswald 25
Phil Johnston 17
Name Smallbore Centrefire Total
Ian Burton 93 61 154
Chris Douglas 85 59 144
Stuart Russell 90 52 142
David Rees 70 68 138
Leslie Kong 77 60 137
Doug Green 82 52 134
Dave Nicoll 71 58 129
Joseph S Uy 70 51 121
Bill Pow 82 28 110
Colin Oswald 82 25 107
Phil Johnston 86 17 103
Lea Cooper 50 49 99