Norman celebrates by blowing his trumpet trophy.

Six members of JSPC travelled to Aberdeen to partake in the annual Wapinschaw weekend.

The usual windy weather with spots of rain, but the locals said that it was a calm example of their climate!

Norman was able to overcome all this and proved his abilities by winning six trophies plus numerous individual gold medals. Well done!

Colin won gold in Classic Precision, and Leslie surprised himself by winning gold in LBR MT, LBR 1020 and taking the aggregate LBR trophy for the second year. All these results can be viewed in the results lists here:


Congratulations to all our members who were present and it really was an enjoyable weekend to be recommended.

Aberdeen Fullbore Gun Club members gave up their time to staff the event, and also to present a BBQ from morning till afternoon. Not to forget the baking! Chocolate brownies, Cherry cake and Toffee cake. Tea and coffee also available. Thank you very much!

Stats were delayed due to late competitions, but all our members stayed to the very end. Three of them had a long journey back to Northumberland, so it was a long day.

Two competitors journeyed from Essex, so perhaps next year we will see more from JSPC in attendance??

Here are some photos of the prize giving, I hope that I will be able to obtain some action photos from other members.