Bill Pow is the proud winner of the coveted Jack Cruickshank Trophy 2017.


Colmsliehill was hot today. 25 degrees in the afternoon.

The usual faces appeared to compete for the Jack Cruickshank Trophy, the winner of which has the highest aggregate in Centrefire scores of TP1 and MT.

Bill Pow has shown recently that he is well capable of hitting maximum scores in both events, so it was great to see him rising to the occasion and beating everyone else to the trophy for his first time. Well done Bill.

The day was devoted to those two events, but included use of smallbore rifle, long barelled pistol (LBP) and long barelled revolver (LBR).

The latter are becoming more popular at events all over the UK it would be advisable to their owners to try to participate more in our club competitions. I have said it before; so many members avoid the range when they know there is a competition on. I ask the same question; why do they own these guns? Okay. Enough lecturing.

Here are the results from today:

JACK CRUICKSHANK TROPHY 18.06.2017         
Bill Pow3001631171414171
Chris Douglas3002511161124162
R J Tonner3002521151434153
Norman Veitch29925115114144
Vic Beaumont2961911494105
Leslie Kong29817111124096
Stuart Russell2951811294077
Doug Green2962010944058
Colin Oswald2931510263959
Jim Doherty295729510
Norman Veitch300181115123
R J Tonner298192116142
Chris Douglas297223118141
Vic Beaumont296111104
Stuart Russell295171095
Doug Green295711211
Leslie Kong29316986
Bill Vaughan291131005
Lea Cooper28410900
Colin Oswald2827984
TP1 LBPpositionMT LBPposition
Leslie Kong29813111491412
Chris Douglas2967211063406
Norman Veitch2949311192405
Bill Pow29161058396
Doug Green28671023388
TP1 LBRpositionMT LBRposition
Leslie Kong29512110751
Doug Green2916210052