Some time ago, Norman Veitch (Senior), renowned Glass artist (see Wearside Glass Sculptures), very generously donated to JSPC a glass sculpture of a shooter.

It has taken us all this time to decide a suitable competition to award the trophy. The decision was an

AGGREGATE of PHOENIX A + 1020 Centre Fire + Smallbore)

The decision was based on the performances of his son Norman Veitch (Junior), a member of JSPC for several years and who excelled at many disciplines, creating several GB records in the process. Business success has diverted him from the range, but hopefully he will return when he manages some spare time.

I was extremely disappointed to miss this event as they are definitely two of my favourite competitions, both of which test the abilities of the competitor in accuracy, speed, and shooting from various positions.

Chris Douglas was the 2023 winner. Sadly a poor turnout due to many members being on vacation. Chris however showed his dominance!