Phoenix 2023 Prize Table
(some) Scotland Squad members at Phoenix 2023

Phoenix 2023 proved contentious (at least to me) due to the increased entry prices during this ongoing “cost of living crisis”. With the current shortages of ammunition and components, and the resultant prices inflation, the shooting sports are taking a helluva beating.

I opted to attend but only as Range Staff, and I spoke to others of a similar mind. It was sad to see competitors leaving guns at home when they would have liked to compete in more events.

HOWEVER, all that said, Peter Cottrell announced 450 competitors and 3,500 events competed ( I think those were the figures) so well done shooters!

SCOTLAND submitted teams for the National matches and the initial results declare them to be the winners of :




Absolutely tremendous results, and on top of that, individual successes for Jonnie Cormie, Glenn Gordon, Dave Berry, Chris Douglas, Stuart Rankine, Robert J Tonner and son Robert L Tonner. The Prize Ceremony was a joy to behold. Congratulations are well deserved by all the team members. (My apologises if I missed anyone, but the results are not yet online and I am going from failing memory).

It should also be mentioned that Jonnie Cormie, Robert J and Robert L Tonner were included in the GB teams who were victorious in the International matches against Germany and Ireland.

RESULTS: Please check

Low Mills members
Chris Douglas “cleaned” the 1020
Hog Roast at the Army Club
Precision Match on Running Deer
Squad dinner at the Artists
Scott Lyon presents Colin Oswald with a gift in appreciation of his 15 years managing the Scotland Squad