Competitors attending on Saturday and Sunday (Digital editing thanks to Chris Douglas)

Special thanks to everyone who attended the weekend, and I am sorry that many were unable to participate in this last competition of the year for the club. Covid still rearing its ugly head and other medical conditions kept some of our best shooters at home. All our best wishes to you.

30 competitors attended and 229 events were completed over the three days, with fine sunny but cold Scottish weather.

JSPC are very grateful for the assistance given by our members:

Leslie Kong, Colin Oswald, Stuart Russell, Dave Nicoll, Doug Green, Phil Johnston (CRO), Bill Pow, Howard Marshall, Chris Douglas, Lea Cooper, Angie Forster (visitor), Vic Beaumont; many of whom travelled quite a distance and attended every day, staffing and competing.

We apologise for the delay in results at the weekend, due to some technical problems, but our man has now sorted them.

Medals will be presented in due course, and posted if necessary.

Here are the final results. There have been no challenges.

Any comments are to be sent to the JSPC Secretary:

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOT YOUR TRUE CLASSES. The “classes” here represent the classes you would be in according to these scores.

MEDALS: Medals are awarded to third position of each event depending on the number of entries. Aggregates results are published, however aggregate medals will only be awarded to the TROPHY AGGREGATES (that means the aggregate of GRCF + GRSB results and aggregate of LBP + LBR results.

NOTE: The JSPC OPEN competitions are NOT classified for awards purposes. Medals are therefore awarded to the top three scores in each event.

As usual, some photos to reflect the weekend:

Friday Range Staff with some other competitors
Yes, the fire was needed!!
Leslie receives the Pistol Trophy
Chris wins the Rifle Trophy