JSPC AUTUMN OPEN WEEKEND 2021 (Thanks to Chris Douglas for the Digital Editing)

Thank you everyone who attended the weekend, as much to the range staff and to the competitors who travelled from as far as Northumberland, Cumbria, Aberdeen and Dundee.

Pandemic restrictions for the past 18 months or so have affected all our lives. To see the happy faces back on the range was a joy and well worth all the efforts put in by everyone.

I apologise for the delay in announcing final results. (Lack of staff training with a new program was the cause). However here they are:

Friendly rivalry helped to push some competitors to stronger performances and many scores were very impressive indeed!

Jonny betters his (ex??) best friend Dave Farmer in Multi Target LBP

The weather was extremely kind to us and the threatened rain kept away apart from a few very light showers.

Friday was mostly Range Officer and staff competing, so we were able to muster enough crew for Saturday and Sunday. It was pleasing to see at least one new face, but sorry that many who had hoped to attend (from Wales, Bisley and Derby) could not make it.

As the photos show, we attracted some of the best from Scotland and beyond. We do hope that 2022 will see a return to a closer form of normality as we knew it.

Some of the winners are pictured below. Others who shot on Friday and Saturday were not present at the prize awards on Sunday.