GR&P National Open Championships 2021 (Bisley 4-5th September 2021)

Scotland won Gold after a nail biting finish in the Revolver aggregate
The Scotland Rifle teams
Jonny keeps an eye on the Scotland vs Wales
Scotland vs England Multi Target GRCF
Scotland Rifle teams came home with a bronze medal after England and Wales took top spots.

After months of Covid pandemic restrictions, we were at last able to travel to Bisley for the Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championships.

Summer was kind to us and a weekend without rain was accompanied by some very warm, even hot afternoons.

Rifle competitions were shoulder to shoulder, whereas the handgun scores were taken from the individual events.

JSPC members present included Colin Oswald, Leslie Kong, Bill Vaughan, Bill Pow, Doug Green, Robert J Tonner, Robert L Tonner and Stuart Russell.

Our congratulations to all the Scotland Squad members who also travelled and competed, with special mention to Jonny Cormie and Robert L Tonner for their individual performances resulting in fantastic aggregate trophies. (See list below)

Individual Aggregates

National Champion – GRSB 2753 Jake Mossom 2186 124X T
Top Junior 3252 Robert L Tonner 2125 107X
Top Lady 3572 Laura Warwick 2124 98X
National Champion – GRCF 2055 Jonny Cormie 2190 158X T
Top Lady 2086 Jacky Lamb 2096 84X
National Champion – GRCF Classic 3203 Robert Wheeler 2163 137X T
National Champion – LBP 3428 Steve Lane 2026 122X T
Top Junior 3252 Robert L Tonner 1990 92X
National Champion – LBR 393 Chris Pannell 1882 57X T
Shotgun Aggregate – Pump Action 1405 Rob Sanders 414 26X
Shotgun Aggregate – Semi-Auto 2987 Adam Chapman 417 35X T
Precision Aggregate – Rifle 2055 Jonny Cormie 1138 40X T
Precision Aggregate – Handgun 1837 Marek Pawlik 1062 24X T
1500 Aggregate – Rifle 2886 Gerry Betteridge 2978 204X T
1500 Aggregate – Handgun 632 John Robinson 2952 189X T
Bianchi Aggregate – Rifle 3203 Robert Wheeler 3778 289X T
Bianchi Aggregate – Handgun 622 Arwel Roberts 3419 207X T
Short Events Aggregate – Rifle 3267 Keith Kilvington 1306 125X T
Short Events – Handgun 1837 Marek Pawlik 1168 88X T

Shown next are the National Matches results:

Home Countries National Matches

Gallery Rifle

1st England 3314 232X GRSB GRCF
2886 Gary Bowden 3267 Keith Kilvington
2753 Jake Mossom 3308 Phil Wood
3428 Steve Lane 783 Peter Watts
2613 David Guest 1773 Morné van Dalen
3572 Laura Warwick 3304 Dave Morrow

2nd Wales 3289 225X GRSB GRCF
3203 Robert Wheeler 052 Gerry Betteridge
3395 Joseph Pugh 4268 Joe Woolley
1542 Jon Avetoomyan 3789 Kevin Mayo
1057 Andy Summers 2419 Bob Worthington
1837 Marek Pawlik

3rd Scotland 3288 230X GRSB GRCF
2330 Robert J Tonner 2055 Jonny Cormie
3829 David Farmer 2832 William Pow
2840 Scott Lyon 987 Charles Bestwick
2194 Graeme Dodds 2340 Glenn Gordon
3252 Robert L Tonner 3221 Stuart Russell

Long-Barrelled Pistol

1st England 1633 99X 3428 Steve Lane
783 Peter Watts
034 Neil Francis
3044 Dave Morrow
2613 David Guest

2nd Scotland 1630 90X

2340 Glenn Gordon
3252 Robert L Tonner
3044 Robert J Tonner
2055 Jonny Cormie
2194 Graeme Dodds

3rd Wales 1605 81X

1837 Marek Pawlik
3395 Joseph Pugh
052 Gerry Betteridge
1542 Jon Avetoomyan
1057 Andy Summers

Long-Barrelled Revolver

1st Scotland 1571 53X

1765 Leslie Kong
2340 Glenn Gordon
987 Charles Bestwick
2055 Jonny Cormie
2832 William Pow

2nd England 1568 54X

1800 Alan Podevin
683 Jim Smith
1773 Morné van Dalen
1768 Peter Matthews
1022 Steve Lamb

The Prize List shows the results of a fantastic weekend of shooting which attracted 199 competitors and I believe that over 2000 events were completed.

The Prize Table
The Englanders
Wales vs Scotland Rifle match

Leslie collects medal for Advancing Target LBR