Thanks to Mrs Bowden (Gary’s better half) for her assistance with the camera.

The Derby Open Meeting took place over three days and included a Home Countries Match between England, Wales and Scotland on the Friday.

Eight members of JSPC traveled down to join the other members of the Scotland Gallery Rifle Squad.

The weather was unusually glorious if not a little too warm for those of us more used to the cool Scottish climate.

I wish to thank Jim Smith and all the Derby Club members who worked really hard to prepare and run the whole event.

 Jim Smith writes: The Derby Open 2018 was a record breaker with 114 competitors and over 1120 events being shot. It was fantastic to see 15 new faces, some completely new to the competition circuit.  

I think you will agree that the prize table was excellent with numerous high value prizes to be chosen. This was mainly due to extraordinary support from the eleven sponsors who supported the meeting. It is worth mentioning them by name as they deserve our thanks and having confidence in our sport. Please support them in return. 


RWS ammunition

The National Shooting Centre

Corrtatical 5.11

Wentworth Sporting Supplies

The Countryman of Derby

Praesidia Rifle Accessories

Shooting Supplies Ltd.

Rude Fat Dog

Viking Arms

This meant that fabulous prizes were awarded to third place in almost all competitions.

The provisional results are published on the Derby website and can be viewed here:

TheDerbyOpen-2018 results

Everything went like clockwork and JSPC will have a job trying to match that efficiency.

BarBQ set up provided bacon rolls and burgers from mid morning till mid afternoon.Yummy!


I managed to take some photos which I hope will capture some of the atmosphere of the weekend.