Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club (AFBGC) hosted the 138th Wapinschaw weekend at Drums Range, Aberdeen.

Ten JSPC members attended the very popular event, which, sadly, will be the last held at Drums Range.

Many thanks to Lara, Charles, Greg, Glenn and all the AFBGC members who worked very hard to produce a fine event filled with many varied competitions suited to a wide variety of firearms. The staff also prepared wonderful home baking and a BarBQ lunch for the hungry competitors. Even the weather was kind to us, compared to possible rain and gales which I have experienced in past years (not so far away, the M9 came to a standstill on Saturday due to heavy hail storm).

Competitors included Olly Warner, Gary Bowden and David Guest who traveled from the South of England. Others from JSPC journeyed from Northumberland. I am certain they felt the journey worthwhile.

Lara wrote: a record number of entries, 242 across the 28 events and competition was fierce with some wins decided on X count

Only a few of the competitors were able to stay for the Prize Award Ceremony, which is a pity, as the trophies themselves are a sight indeed, dating back to the beginnings of the Wapinschaw in 1892, I believe.

The Results:


The AFBGC report may be seen on its website: http://www.afbgc.co.uk

Here is a report contributed by a fellow JSPC member:

A sad occasion, this 138th GR Wapinschaw, being held for the last time at Drums range. Fortunately, the weather was very kind, and so the range was at its best, with fresh-mown grass, and the sun burning through on Saturday around 10:30am or so to make it a warm and pleasant summer’s day. Winds were very light, especially early on, so it was possible to put in some good scores in the precision events. A JSPC member shot a personal best of 300 in the 25m GRCF event, taking advantage of the idyllic conditions on the 100yd range that morning.

Hearty thanks are due to Lara, Charles and Greg, along with all the other range officers and helpers over the weekend, for running such a good event, making this last Wapinschaw at Drums one to remember.

Sad to see Drums range go, since it has hosted many memorable events over the years, and provided challenge and enjoyment to many shooters throughout that time. Shooters in Scotland are fortunate that the Aberdeen FBGC will thrive on other ranges, while they work to construct a new facility suitable for the continuation of the GR Wapinschaw as we all know it.

Hasten the day. 

I include a selection of photos, also thanks to Bill Blackwood for allowing me to add some of his for viewing.