SCOTLAND GALLERY RIFLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2015. ( see Results + Presentation of trophies at end)

The very first Scotland Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championship took place today (5th July 2015), at Colmsliehill range, the home of Joint Services Pistol Club.

Thanks to the efforts of JSPC club members in support of Greg Rastall and Colin Oswald, both committee representatives of the Scottish Pistol Association (SPA) the governing body of gallery rifle in Scotland. Also thanks to David Rees who wrote the stats programme that allowed Norman to put out the final scores within minutes of the final match of the day.

Tam kindly provided catering on two days, Saturday having been reserved for the JSPC members, staff and two competitors from Northumberland.

More thanks to George Hanna, SPA chairman who attended the event, stayed for more than four hours and presented medals to the winners at the end of the day. Also to past SPA chairman Jack Aitken and Jim Walker for their attendance and to the Scottish Target Shooting  (STS) chairman Angus Lowden for his visit to see what gallery rifle (GF) is all about.

He cannot have failed to be impressed by the skills and dedication of the shooters.

We would all like to see more persons like him appreciate what GR is all about and to make the sport more recognised in the international field.

Already at Phoenix 2015 at Bisley, Scotland won the aggregate events competing against England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Germany and South Africa.

More funding is required to train our teams, and to give some financial support for travel and accomodation.

So we had a list of celebrities to witness a very full day of shooting by contestants from Cumbria, Aberdeen, Dundee, Northumberland and of course Edinburgh and the Borders.

There were a total of 30 competitors shooting a massive 184 competitions.

The calender day has been traditionally the first of a series of five Colmsliehill events.

This year, Scotland Gallery Rifle members were offered the opportunity to run some dedicated GR events.

Today were the “shorts”: Timed and Precision 1 (TP1), Multi Target (MT) and Precision.

The first two disciplines were offered in Centrefire, Smallbore, Long Barelled Pistol (LBP) and Long Barelled Revolver (LBR), and Precision in Centrefire and Smallbore only.

A further day in August will see the 1500 competition in CF and SB only, taking place at Drums ranges, home of Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club (AFBGC).

All that is for the benefit of those readers not totally familiar with GR.

So here is what most of you are waiting for:

chris MTCF 07.2015

JSPC member Chris Douglas is really in form with a MTCF 120 + 20X

SPA Gallery Rifle Championship 2015
Prize List

0101 25m Precision GRSB

1st 2329 Robert Tonner 279 1X
2nd 3083 Chris Douglas 277 4X
3rd 3114 Norman Veitch 276 5X

0102 25m Precision GRCF

1st 2337 Greg Rastall 297 17X
2nd 2055 Jonathan Cormie 296 19X
3rd 3083 Chris Douglas 294 16X

0104 25m Precision GRCF Classic

1st 553 Colin Oswald 285 7X
2nd 3035 Jan Hinchcliffe 251 4X

0701 Timed & Precision 1 GRSB

1st 2330 Robert J. Tonner 300 23X
2nd 3083 Chris Douglas 300 19X
3rd 3114 Norman Veitch 299 21X

0702 Timed & Precision 1 GRCF

1st 3083 Chris Douglas 300 27X
2nd 2337 Greg Rastall 300 26X
3rd 1828 John Crouch 300 24X

0704 Timed & Precision 1 GRCF Classic (NO ENTRIES)
0721 Timed & Precision 1 LBP

1st 282 Dave Green 298 13X
2nd 2330 Robert J. Tonner 298 8X
3rd 2055 Jonathan Cormie 297 8X

0722 Timed & Precision 1 LBR

1st 283 Doug Green 296 12X
2nd 2329 Robert Tonner 295 7X
3rd 2340 Glenn Gordon 294 7X

1101 Multi-Target GRSB

1st 2337 Greg Rastall 119 15X
2nd 2055 Jonathan Cormie 119 12X
3rd 3083 Chris Douglas 116 11X

1102 Multi-Target GRCF

1st 3083 Chris Douglas 120 20X
2nd 987 Charles Bestwick 119 10X
3rd 2330 Robert J. Tonner 116 12X

1104 Multi-Target GRCF Classic (NO ENTRIES)
1121 Multi-Target LBP

1st 2055 Jonathan Cormie 116 13X
2nd 282 Dave Green 115 12X
3rd 2330 Robert J. Tonner 113 10X

1122 Multi-Target LBR

1st 2337 Greg Rastall 109 14X
2nd 283 Doug Green 109 9X
3rd 282 Dave Green 107 5X

Here is the final list of results:

Pistol Championship 2015 Result

2015 Championship final results 2015 Version 2.xlsm

and a report from Greg Rastall, SPA representative and main organiser of the event:

Dear Competitors

A big thanks to all those who travelled and competed in the inaugural Scottish Gallery Rifle and Pistol Championship last weekend at Colmsliehill range. It was wonderful to see so many giving support to the Championship and a big thanks to all the range crew and stats office. All seemed to run well on the day and time keeping was pretty good for our first attempt.

Having allowed a week for any scores to be contested we can now announce the results for the first series short events and the winner of the tile Scottish Pistol Champion 2015.

Congratulations go to Dave Green who took first place in the revolver – pistol aggregate with a score of 810 37X . Dave is awarded the title of “Scottish Gallery Pistol Champion “, the first time such a title has been awarded. Congratulations also go to Glenn Gordon who shot a score of 806 38X taking second place and again very close behind we see Doug Green shoot an aggregate of 802 33X on the day to take a very respectable third place. I think we will all agree scores are all very close and the title was hotly contested.

As we have seen over the last few years, the scores being shot in Scotland are among the highest in the world. And we saw this again over the weekend’s competition. We also saw support coming up from our Northern English friends and neighbours and we thank them for attending and hope to see them again next year.

We have still the second leg of the Rifle Championship being held in Aberdeen on the 2nd August. That will see us competing with both small bore and centre fire rifle 1500 events. If anyone has not yet entered and would like to do so, I’m sure we can still accommodate you.

We would like to invite Dave Green and Dog Green to the presentation of awards to be held at Bisley shooting ground during the “Nationals” in August. We will be in touch beforehand to confirm venue time and place.

Some of us now head to Ireland on Wednesday 8th, and some of us have still to reload, that might be me.

Regards to you all

Greg Rastall


Some photos of the Sunday competitors and visitors:

SGRC 2015 049

Happy Jonny with a 99 + 9X in 25 Precision CF

SGRC 2015 011 SGRC 2015 015 SGRC 2015 020 SGRC 2015 021 SGRC 2015 032 SGRC 2015 033 SGRC 2015 035 SGRC 2015 036 SGRC 2015 038 SGRC 2015 039 SGRC 2015 051 SGRC 2015 056 SGRC 2015 057 SGRC 2015 059 SGRC 2015 060 SGRC 2015 063



THE PRIZE WINNERS (Overall Championship Results).
Following the 1500 matches at Aberdeen, the overall results have been compiled and are included here.

SGRC final results 2015

 Scottish Gallery and pistol Championship 2015 Results             
Championship Ranking (Rifle )Championship Ranking (Pistol )
1st Norman Veitch 43311st Dave Green 810
2nd Robert J Tonner 43182nd Glenn Gordon806
3rdGlen Gordon 43153rdDoug Green802
4th C Douglas 43034th Greg Rastall799
5th Charles Bestwick42865th R J Tonner798
6th Scott Lyon42216th Leslie Kong788
7thWilliam Pow41977th J Cormie785
8thLeslie Kong41508th C Davenport775
9th Robert Tonner 41199th S Lyon760
10thJohn Crouch402310th J Crouch751
11thP Cousar368911th R Tonner395
12thG Dodds292712th A Davenport 390
13th G Simm280413th A Forster 385
14th Ed Low 267914th L Bestwick377
15thL Bestwick184915th M Leishman344
16th J Cormie140316th M Geldard91
17th G Rastall139817thP Cousar78
18th C Oswald 1332
19th D Hinchcliffe1309
20th S VD Post 1298
21stDoug Green 1232
22ndJan Hinchcliffe1176
23rdA Forster822
24thM Geldard803
25thS Russell652
26thA Davenport628
27thH Marshal 614
28thV Beaumont589
29thR Bestwick572
30thC Jackson393
31stDave Green 390
Rifle Aggregate scores 1011021047017021101110215011502Total
SB Prec CF PresCla Pres SB TPI CF TP1 SB MT CF MT SB 1500 CF 1500
2057Victor Beaumont295294589
987Charles Bestwick257293296299109119145014634286
1100Lara Bestwick20828810012531849
2880Rebecca Bestwick22026488572
2055Jonathan Cormie2752962993001191141403
1828John Crouch257299300114115145214864023
2889P Cousar18625327428893106125812313689
2140Andrew Davenport23929198628
2194G Dodds145114762927
3083C Douglas277294300300116120142314744304
2865Angela Forster263298297113114822
3113Mark Geldard294287109113803
2340Glenn Gordon274286298299113115145314774315
283Doug Green2482902942981021232
282Dave Green29298390
3035Jan Hinchcliffe17825127828794881176
3086D Hinchcliffe238276292297981081309
2647Christopher Jackson29598393
1765Leslie Kong227293285299100114137014624150
3216Ed Low133513442679
2840Scott Lyon237274295298106109145514474221
2890H Marshall24628187614
553Colin Oswald269291{285}279294911081332
9001S V Der Post12981298
2832William Pow264285299300102102143014154197
2337Greg Rastall2712972973001191141398
3221Stuart Russell246293113652
9001G Simm135514492804
2329Robert Tonner279286298300107110139713424119
2330Robert J. Tonner268290300300112116146114714318
3114Norman Veitch276291299299112115146314764331
Pistol Aggregate scores72172211211122
987Charles Bestwick
1100Lara Bestwick28889377
2889P Cousar7878
2055Jonathan Cormie29728611686785
1828John Crouch2822829790751
2140Andrew Davenport29298390
2865Angela Forster28798385
3113Mark Geldard2879191
2340Glenn Gordon296294113103806
283Doug Green290296107109802
282Dave Green298290115107810
2647Christopher Jackson28828610398775
1765Leslie Kong294287105102788
1949M Leishman25886344
2840Scott Lyon29626510594760
2337Greg Rastall290291109109799
2329Robert Tonner295100395
2330Robert J. Tonner29829111396798

The prizes were awarded at a small ceremony at the National Championships at Bisley on 29.08.2015.
Scotland Gallery Rifle squad members met at the London and Middlesex where the prizes were presented by Greg Rastall who also sponsored some of the trophies.
I apologise for the poor quality of the photos which were taken in the dim but atmospheric surroundings of the dining room of the L&M.
bisley 08.2015 041

bisley 08.2015 047

bisley 08.2015 048

Doug Green won the LBR aggregate

bisley 08.2015 049

bisley 08.2015 053

Norman took the overall aggregate to win the title of SCOTTISH GALLERY RIFLE CHAMPION 2015

bisley 08.2015 055

For his services to Scotland Gallery Rifle, Colin Oswald, Team Manager, was presented with a fine bottle of Single Malt Whiskey, donated by one of the squad members. Jonny, the team captain, did the honours.