Phoenix 2013 Meeting at Bisley. Report by Colin Oswald (JSPC Chairman and Scotland Squad Manager)

Scottish Gallery Rifle Squad

Phoenix Meeting Bisley May 2013

19 members of the Gallery Rifle Squad attended the Phoenix Meeting at Bisley.

We were able to field 3 Scottish teams – Red, White and Blue. The three teams took part in the Timed & Precision and Multi Target Aggregates in Small Bore and Centre Fire.

The fantastic news is that Scotland won both Small Bore and Centre Fire – beating teams from Wales, South Africa, Germany and England.

Squad Captain Greg Rastall writes: –

“Scotland, International Gallery Rifle Centre Fire and Small Bore Champions

Sounds Good doesn’t it!

The squad will now have settled into the fact that winning both the centre fire and small bore events was not only a great achievement, it was our ambition becoming reality. We are proud of the fact that our achievement at the Phoenix International Team Championship was the result of a real focus, many hours of practice, comradeship and team spirit.

This team spirit is the envy of many other teams. Irrespective of which team each squad member is selected for, this team spirit is and will remain key to our success.

Selection for the team remains an achievement but not only for the individual – more so an achievement for the team in having such a competitive person. Individuals don’t win team events and I hope we can again prove that at the National Championships at Bisley in August.”

The other teams, Red and White, also acquitted themselves well.

As individuals the squad members brought home the medals : –

12 Gold Place Medals.

Jonathon Cormie won  T&P1 LBRx, AT GRSB, MT LBRa

Robert Tonner won MT GRSBx

Glenn Gordon won MT LBPb, Granet GRCF

Greg Rastall won MT LBRx, Ph A LBRx

William Paterson won Ph A LBPb

Graeme Dodds won AT GRCFa

Charles Bestwick won IS CF Classic

Scott Lyon won IS GRSB

(This is a Phoenix Record – shared with a SA competitor)

17 Silver Place Medals.

Don Robertson 50m Prec. LBP

Greg Rastall T&P1 LBRx,  MT GRCF,  AT GRCFx

Glenn Gordon T&P2 GRSBx,  T&P2 LBPa,  MT3 LBP, 1500 LBPa, IS GRCF

Jonathon Cormie MT GRSBx,  Phoenix  A GRSB

Leslie Kong T&P2 GRCF

Robert Tonner MT LBP , MT GRSB

William Paterson PhA GRSB

Lara Bestwick AT LBPb

Scott Lyon 25m Timed LSR

8 Bronze Place Medals.

Don Robertson 25m Prec. LBP

Glenn Gordon T&P2a, MT GRSBx

William Paterson  MT GRSBa

Chris McLean MT LBRa

Graeme Dodds Ph A GRSB

Greg Rastall Ph A GRCFx

Colin Oswald AT GRCFb

In addition to Place Medals, Standard awards are made to those who shoot to a set high standard.

The Squad took: –

22 Gold Standards

32 Silver Standards

51 Bronze Standards

Those who accrue 20 points in the Standard Awards are given the title of Grand Master.

The Squad were awarded 5 Grand Master Medals:

Glenn Gordon, Greg Rastall, Jonathon Cormie, William J Paterson, Graeme Dodds.


A Most Satisfactory Set of Results.


Now for the National Championships !


The following abbreviations are used throughout:

T&P – Timed & Precision (1,2,3 )                  MT – Multi Target              Ph – Phoenix

AT – Advancing Target                   Prec. – Precision                  IS – Imperial  Silhouettes

GRSB – Gallery Rifle Small Bore              GRCF – Gallery Rifle Centre Fire

LBP – Long Barrelled Pistol           LBR – Long Barrelled Revolver