JSPC Precision Competitions 20.05.2012

The Precision competitions which contribute towards the JSPC Championship were held on Sunday.

As usual, it was sad to see that most of the membership did not come to support the event.

Members are reminded that these competitions are organised for JSPC members, and to encourage competition within the club.

Perhaps those who are avoiding these competitions would suggest to the committee exactly what sort of events they would like to see at the range?


The Chairmans’ report:

“Despite the poor attendance, an enjoyable competition was had by all with some outstanding scores.

Several of our newer members were competing for the first time and turned in some creditable results.

Hopefully our next competition, the Jack Cruikshank Trophy will be better supported on the 24th of June”.


JSPC Precision Shoot May 2012
Precision Centre-Fire Precision Small-Bore Precision M/L Pistol
W Pow 198 5X W Pow 178 4X C Oswald 92
C Oswald 197 8X L Kong 175 M Luing 79
L Kong 196 12X RJ Tonner 174 1X C Henry 69
W Vaughan 193 8X P Johnston 173 L Kong 59
J Paterson 192 15X J Walker 171 2X
RJ Tonner 191 8X R Tonner 170 2X
R Tonner 191 8X P Evans 168
J Johnston 187 C Oswald 165 1X
J Doherty 186 6X J Paterson 163 3X
S McKay 183 5X J Doherty 159 2X
R Elliot 180 3X W Vaughan 158
M luing 179 R Collins 130 2X
P Evans 179 2X R Elliot 125 3X
R Collins 166 3X C Hendry LBP 99