Gallery Rifle & Pistol, Muzzle loading Revolver/Pistol & Target Shotgun Events: Cairngall Range, Fri 7th to Sun 9th Jun 2024

General Rule

  • The Civilian Gallery Rifle & Pistol Competition for 2023 will run at Cairngall Range.
  • In addition Gallery Rifle and Pistol the following courses of fire will also be available
    • Muzzle loading revolver/pistol –Precision and Timed and Precision
  • A Target Shotgun Plate Match (min 25 birdshot; max size No 4) will be available throughout Saturday at Cairngall –  Shotguns (section 2) and cartridges will be available at cost.
  • At Cairngall Range the max permitted muzzle velocity is 3275ft/sec (1000M/s) and max muzzle energy is 5160 ft/lbs (7000J) on the main range (to be used for GR&P TP1, MT and 1020, Target SG Matches) and for the side range (to be used for all precision, WA48 and the MLR-TP1 matches) the maximum muzzle energy must not exceed 1,496 ft.lbs. and muzzle velocity not to exceed 2,150 ft./sec.
  • Day entries will be accepted only if range space allows

Aberdeen Fullbore Gun Club (AFBGC) held their annual Wapinschaw event over the weekend, but June certainly did not produce the weather we hoped for. Gusty cold wind, rain and some tempting glimpses of sunshine lasted the whole weekend.

However, it did not deter 33 competitors competing in almost 300 events, and thanks to fantastic efforts and organisation, the members produced the expected show.

JSPC members included Ian Burton, Chris Douglas, Leslie Kong and Stuart Russell. Chris showed us what is possible, even with the horrible weather, topping a lot of the scores across the board.

sheltering from one of the heavy showers. Note the summer clothing
The winner of each event was presented with a beautiful engraved glass
Graeme Dodds won some heavyweight trophies
Chris Douglas… what can I say??

Thanks to William Blackwood, AFBGC member now residing in beautiful Shetland, I can now add some of his photos of the event: