Competitors and staff on Saturday (Photo by Anita Bowden)

Huge thanks to everyone, competitors and staff , for making this a memorable weekend. Competitors travelled from all over the UK; Cornwall, Essex, Dorset, Wales, and from north of Aberdeen! It was so good to see some new faces, and to receive their compliments to return.

Staffing: we dearly missed the company of our past Chairman Colin Oswald who passed on 18th March.

Special thanks to all members and visitors who assisted on the range; however I do need to mention Stuart Russell who prepared all the target frames and target allocations, Chris Douglas who engraved all the medals and plaques, Ian Burton on catering, Dave Nicoll on squadding, Doug Green and John Secker on stats, Phil Johnston (Chief Range Officer), Howard Marshall, David Rees, Lea Cooper, Bill Pow, John Paterson, Sara and Dave Berry. Without this help, these events could not happen.

It was a “full house” and entries had to be closed due to the enormous popularity of the weekend event.

The weather was atrocious at times, especially on Saturday, when storm Kathleen unleashed gales of up to 90 mph around the UK. It was marvellous to see that all the competitors kept smiling despite some shots missing the paper altogether!

RESULTS: Huge apologies for the delay in publication of the final results. We had one challenge which has now been resolved:

ENGLAND took no prisoners this weekend, but they also raided the medal table, winning all the aggregates in GRSB, GRCF, LBP and LBR.

This gave England the overall aggregate winning total (SB + CF) for the Home Countries National Match.

SCOTLAND came in second place in overall, (with Wales in third place, though they were unable to produce full teams in GRSB and GRCF so only competing “for fun”)



Neil Francis kindly “volunteered” as compere while Chris Douglas presented the prizes
Jonny saved the day for Scotland, preventing all the medals going South
Jonny Cormie won the Rifle Trophy
Lee Townsend won the Handgun Trophy, making it two years in a row. Promises to return in 2025 for a hat-trick.