Phil Johnston presents Chris Douglas with the trophy plus a bottle of whisky kindly donated by Phil
Chris shows one of his winning bolt action rifles

The Bill Vaughan Bench Rest Precision Trophy competition was organised for 17th March 2024, and was attended by the usual suspects.

I was disappointed that more members do not feel inclined or able to join in what is meant to celebrate why we partake in the sport. If you do not have the necessary equipment, other members will willingly offer use of their own. Please show your support for the club and its goals.

Those in attendance had a very enjoyable competition. Simply a matter of ten shots, one on each roundel in five minutes. Before that, unlimited sighters.

Stuart Russell kindly scored the targets, and here are the results:

Name Score
Chris Douglas 91
Stuart Russell 91
Ian Burton 88
Cynthia Plag 87
Robert Beale 84
John Paterson 83
Vic Beaumont 73
Phil Johnston 65
Leslie Kong 64
Bill Pow 38
Name Score
Chris Douglas 78
Leslie Kong 72
Ian Burton 63
Stuart Russell 54
Robert Beale 45
John Paterson 45
Bill Pow 16
Vic Beaumont 0
Name Smallbore Centrefire Total
Chris Douglas 91 78 169
Ian Burton 88 63 151
Stuart Russell 91 54 145
Leslie Kong 64 72 136
Robert Beale 84 45 129
John Paterson 83 45 128
Vic Beaumont 73 0 73
Bill Pow 38 16 54

Many congratulations to Chris Douglas who was determined to take the honours from Ian Burton who won the trophy in 2023.

Chris Douglas; WINNER