Bisley: August 2011: Gallery Rifle National Championship



This article was compiled by Colin Oswald, Scotland Team Manager, who put much time and effort into making sense of the pages of results from Bisley.

Team Captain Charles Bestwick adds his conclusion at the end.

Our thanks to the Scottish Pistol Association for their support and to John Robinson for giving us his time and the benefit of his experience.


SCOTLAND GALLERY RIFLE TEAM at Bisley 08.2011. Also present Manager Colin Oswald and Coach John Robinson. Photo published with the kind permission of DAVID GUEST, Photographer
























National Gallery Rifle Championships

Bisley August 2011

14 members of the Scottish Gallery Rifle Squad attended the National Gallery Rifle Championships at Bisley.


10 members made up the Scottish Team – 5 shooting Centre-Fire and 5 shooting Small-Bore.


In all the members took part in 174 individual entries ranging from Small-Bore Precision to Target Shotgun.


Centre-Fire Team


Charles Bestwick (Team Captain)

Jonathon Cormie

Christopher McLean

Glenn Gordon

Leslie Kong


Small-Bore Team


Vic Beaumont

John Crouch

Alan Converey

Greg Rastall

Robert J Tonner


Back Up


Iain McFadyen

William J Paterson

Robert Tonner

Colin Oswald




The following abbreviations are used throughout:


T&P      Timed & Precision           GRSB     Gallery Rifle Small-Bore              Cl         Classic

MT         Multi-Target                     GRCF       Gallery Rifle Small-Bore           Ph A      Phoenix A

AT          Advancing Target           LBR          Long Barrelled Revolver         Prec      Precision

LBP        Long Barrelled Pistol      SG           Shot Gun           SSC            Speed Steel Challenge



It should be noted that there are 3 divisions in some disciplines

All listed below are members of the Scottish Gallery Rifle Squad

Sixteen Gold Place Medals


Chris Mclean won                25m Prec LBR

Vic Beaumont won              T&P 1 GRSB

John Paterson won             T&P 1 GRCF

Charles Bestwick won       T&P 1 LBP

Greg Rastall won                 T&P 1 LBR

Robert J Tonner  won         MT  GRSB

Colin Oswald won                MT  GRCF

Greg Rastall  won                MT  LBR

Jon Cormie won                   MT  LBR

Jon Cormie won                   Ph A GRCF

Glenn Gordon won              Ph A GRCF

Vic Beaumont  won             AT GRSB

John Crouch won                AT  GRCF

Leslie Kong won                  AT LBR

Alan Convery  won           SSC  GRSB

Alan Convery  won           SSC  LBP



Six Silver Place Medals

Colin Oswald                       T&P 1 GRCF

Glenn Gordon                     T&P 1 LBR

John Crouch                        AT GRSB

Glenn Gordon                      AT GRSB

Robert Tonner                     AT GRSB

Robert J Tonner                 AT GRCF



Six Bronze Place Medals

Colin Oswald                        25m Prec GRCF Cl

Glenn Gordon                      T&P 1 GRSB

Alan Convery                     T&P 1 LBP

Colin Oswald                        AT  GRSB

Vic Beaumont                       AT  GRCF

Iain McFadyen                      SSC


Standard Medals are awarded for scores that reach a Set High Standard

Seventeen Gold Standard Medals


Vic Beaumont                        T&P 1 GRSB

John Paterson                       T&P 1 GRCF

Greg Rastall                           T&P 1 LBR

Jon Cormie                             MT GRSB

Vic Beaumont                        MT  GRSB

Robert J Tonner                    MT GRSB

Colin Oswald                          MT GRCF

Jon Cormie                             MT LBR

Glenn Gordon                        Ph A GRCF

Robert Tonner                       AT GRSB

John Crouch                          AT GRCF

Vic Beaumont                        AT GRCF

Alan Convery                         SSC GRSB

Iain McFadyen                       SSC LBP

Alan Convery                         SSC LBP


Thirty Silver Standard Medals

Chris McLean                        25m Prec GRCF

Colin Oswald                         25m GRCF Cl

Robert J Tonner                  AM GRSB

Glenn Gordon                       T&P 1 GRSB

Chris McLean                        GRSB

John Crouch                          T&P1 GRSB

Jon Cormie                             T&P 1 GRCF

Colin Oswald                          T&P 1 GRCF

Alan Convery                         T&P 1 LBP

John Paterson                       T&P 1 LBP

John Crouch                          T&P 1 LBP

Charles Bestwick                 MT GRSB

John Crouch                          MT GRSB

Iain McFadyen                       MT GRSB

Robert Tonner                       MT GRSB

Greg Rastall                           MT LBR

Chris McLean                        MT LBR

Leslie Kong                            MT LBR

Glenn Gordon                       MT LBR

Jon Cormie                            Ph A GRCF

Charles Bestwick                AT GRSB

Glenn Gordon                       AT GRSB

Colin Oswald                         AT GRSB

Charles Bestwick                AT GRCF

Robert J Tonner                   AT GRCF

Iain McFadyen                     AT LBP

Leslie Kong                             AT LBR

Greg Rastall                           AT LBR

Jon Cormie                             AT LBR

Glenn Gordon                        AT LBR




Twenty Nine Bronze Standard Medals


Chris McLean                        25m Precision LSR

Jon Cormie                            25m Prec GRCF

Glenn Gordon                       25m Prec GRCF

Charles Bestwick                25m Prec GRCF

Chris McLean                        25m LBR

Chris McLean                        50m Prec GRCF

Alan Convery                        T&P 1 GRSB

Robert Tonner                      T&P1 GRSB

John Crouch                         T&P 1 GRCF

Charles Bestwick                T&P 1 GRCF

Chris McLean                        T&P1 GRCF

Vic Beaumont                        T&P 1 GRCF

Iain McFadyen                       T&P1 LBP

Glenn Gordon                       T&P 1 LBR

Leslie Kong                             T&P1 LBR

Robert J Tonner                    T&P 2 GRSB

Alan Convery                          MT GRSB
Greg Rastall                            MT GRSB

Greg Rastall                            MT GRCF

Robert J Tonner                     Ph A GRSB

Greg Rastall                             Ph A GRSB

Greg Rastall                             Ph A GRCF

Greg Rastall                             AT GRSB

Alan Convery                           AT GRSB

John Paterson                         AT GRSB

Greg Rastall                             AT GRCF

John Cormie                            AT GRCF

Robert Tonner                        AT GRCF

Alan Convery                          AT LBP



NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 OVERALL SCORES (reference: Gwyn Roberts article, Target Shooter magazine, October 2011)

ENGLAND 1652 (93X) 1655 (128X) 3307 (221X)
SCOTLAND 1626 (81X) 1650 (123X) 3276 (204X)
WALES 1632 (88X) 1591 (77X) 3223 (165X)








Home Countries National Match

1st England                 3307              221X

2nd Scotland              3276              204X

3rd Wales                      3223             165 X

Charles Bestwick – Team Captain – Writes:

“The Scottish Squad followed their historic individual and team successes in the NRA Phoenix Championships by securing their best placing to date in the Home Countries National Match held during the Gallery Rifle National Championships at Bisley on 27th and 28th August. The Scotland Team finished in Silver Medal position, narrowly losing Gold to a very determined England Team. That the Team were extremely disappointed not to secure an overall win is testament to the expectation that  now resides within the Squad.

It has been a phenomenal year for the Scotland Squad. At Squad level, Scotland are the Phoenix International Centre-Fire Gallery Rifle Champions and now Silver Medal winners in the Home Countries National Match.  At individual level squad members have won an unprecedented number of titles throughout the season, comprising a myriad of Phoenix titles, including three Championship Records and at ‘The Nationals’ securing championship success, class wins and a record level of standard score medals such that there are few if any areas of the GR disciplines for which Scotland does not have a strong competitive presence.

Scotland are now clearly established as a major force in Gallery Rifle. The Squad gratefully acknowledge the support and coaching of John Robinson and will plan for and look forward to the 2012 season with the HCNM title literally and figuratively very much in their sights.

Collective Squad Spirit has been at the heart of Scotland’s strong performance and the Squad continues to represent Scotland Target Shooting and the sport of Gallery Rifle to the very highest of standards.”


Scotland Gallery Rifle Teams 2011 at Bisley