MATTERSEY OPEN 2019 (Sunday 5th May)

Prize Awards

After two dormant years, Mattersey Club presented their 2019 Open and late notification meant that many competitors were not able to attend. Nevertheless the turnout of more than 25 shooters enjoyed some lovely weather to engage in the limited number of competitions.

Three members of JSPC travelled to Mattersey, and being a heck of a lot nearer than Bisley made the journey not too strenuous.

Stuart Russell, Doug Green and Leslie Kong all came home with prizes which took the form of bottles of booze, an unusual change from medals, and on top of that, vouchers were available in competitions which did not have enough competitors.

Martin Cooper was even more generous, with Amazon vouchers going to many winners of a raffle. So every competitor stood a chance of going home with something! A very nice gesture.

I am sure that everyone will join me in thanking Martin and his team for a very enjoyable weekend, and hope that the club is now back on a roll.

Doug Green with a personal best at TP1 stage one with his LBR Iron sights.
Leslie also had a PB with GRCF at 10 metres of TP1. A great pity about the other stages!
awaiting results
Almost there