RECERTIFICATION of the range requires some range maintenance, and this weekend provided a great opportunity for the various tasks to be carried out.

Saturday, unfortunately, attracted a very poor turnout of members. In fact, only five committee members; Stuart, Colin, Leslie, Robert and Jim appeared. We were very fortunate to have the presence of Nicola and Chris, non-member guests who gave up their weekend to give us assistance on both days.

Sunday was very different and several members turned out to give a very needed hand to complete deleading of the sand backstop, sorting of used brass, cementing, painting, building shelves, de stapling target boards, sorting targets, etc, etc. Nicola did a one woman effort of deep cleaning the clubhouse and toilet. Two days of it!

Robert (Senior) tackled the refit of the kitchen with the aid of Colin and John Paterson. Problems mean that it will be out of action until more materials can be obtained.

The club is very grateful to all those who attended.

I would hope that those who were unable this time, will make an effort to assist at future workdays. There is ALWAYS much to be done!