JSPC Spring Open: FINAL Squadding Plan (APRIL 2018)

Dear Competitors,

2018 JSPC Spring Open Squadding FINAL

Attached are the Squadding Plans for each of the three days of competition at the 2018 JSPC Spring Open:

Friday 13 April

Saturday 14 April

Sunday 15 April

Please check them over carefully, and make sure that:

1) You are allocated a detail for each of the events you have chosen to shoot

2) You are not listed as shooting twice on the same detail.

Please let Squadding know if you find any errors or omissions (see jspc email below)

These Squadding Plans will be displayed in the range and in the clubhouse, so there is no particular need to print out your own copies.

Note that start times for the details are approximate, esp. for Phoenix A and Multi-Target.

Please arrive approx. 30 minutes before the time of your first detail. Report to Reception (in the portacabin to the left of our club-house and range) to pay if you have not already done so, and to collect your scorecards. Cheques (made payable to “Joint Services Pistol Club”) or cash are equally acceptable.

Competitor names will be called out at the start of each detail; it would help the Open to run smoothly and promptly if you were on the range, with equipment ready, when your name is called. Please use the lane allocated to you, especially if you are using a GRCF Open class rifle (assigned to the rightmost lanes in the Squadding Plans).

Once you have completed an event, and your scorecard is correctly filled-in and signed, please place it into the box on the table at the rear of the range as soon as possible. PLEASE do not save up all your scorecards to the end of the day and then hand them in — it makes the Stats job far worse, and delays publication of the results.

Interim results will be posted inside the clubhouse from time to time.

Food will be available in the clubhouse from 11am (approximately), and will continue to be served for several hours.

As you finish T&P1, please make your way to the clubhouse, where Pauline (our wonderful chef — and fine shot, too) will take your order. Once you have finished eating, please leave the clubhouse, to allow other shooters to come along for lunch. Both food and drink are included in your entry fees.

On Saturday 14th April, a Home Countries National Match will be conducted, with team members shooting their allocated events as normal, but their scores will be aggregated for their nominated team to determine the winning country on the day. On the Squadding Plan for Saturday, the team members have been indicated by a colour: Green for England, Blue for Scotland, and Red for Wales. There will be a prize ceremony for this Match immediately after shooting ceases on Saturday afternoon — all  are welcome to attend.

The Prize giving ceremony for the JSPC Spring Open will be held approximately 15 minutes after shooting finishes on Sunday 15 April. A full set of provisional results, along with the Prize List, will be pinned up inside the clubhouse after the Prize giving is over. 

On behalf of the JSPC Committee, I’d like to thank you for taking part in our Spring Open, and we wish you “good shooting”.


JSPC Squadding (email: jspc_uk@outlook.com)

There is very limited mobile coverage at the JSPC range, though walking a few metres down the road outside our gates normally yields a reasonable signal.