Range Maintenance Weekend 4-5 November 2017

“Maintenance Days” seem to suggest to some members that the range is closed to allow hired workmen to come in to do the necessary work.

PLEASE be aware that we are a private club and it is up to the members to chip in and help to keep the club premises in top shape.

The alternative could be hiring outside help, leading to a massive increase in membership fees, something we have been avoiding for a few decades thanks to the efforts of a small minority of helpers.

Saturday saw only seven members attending, and with jobs which included painting the walls of the firing point area, we were a bit short of staff.

Sunday fortunately attracted a better turnout and we were able to get a lot more done, but there is still more work on the job sheet.

Special mention must be made of Robert Tonner (Senior) who has spent many days and miles getting materials organised, collected, delivered and assembled. Without such commitment, we would be so much further without necessary work being completed. Thank you Robert, and to all the others who attended.

Some members from Northumberland have travelled over 100 miles each way to help. Many local members have been absent on every work day. Enough said?

I took many photos to keep a record of work being done, so here they are: