JSPC OPEN “SPRING ACTION WEEKEND” 14th – 16th APRIL 2017 – results and prize list

Edited by Johan Den Heiger (3 days in one)


Robert J Tonner, winner of the aggregate LBP and LBR Trophy


Many thanks to all the competitors who attended the JSPC Spring Open Competition 2017, and special thanks to the members who gave their time to travel from as far as Gateshead, some for three days running, to staff the occasion; also to Pauline, who got out of her recovery room to staff the kitchen and provide us all with an array of hot food over the coldest of weekends.

Over the three days we had a real taste of winter, especially on Saturday when wintry gales reminded us that winter is not yet finished with us. The log burner on the range was indeed one of the attractions of the weekend!

David did all the work with the squadding and then today, all the stats, producing the results within minutes of the final competition shot.

Even so, some of our guests had departed on urgent duties. I hope that visiting winners will visit us to collect their prizes.

Anyway, here are the results in pdf form, which we will hold as provisional to allow challenges until 11:59pm on Thursday. Results can then go to Neil Francis this Friday and be added to the national data.

Congratulations to Graeme Dodds on winning the Gallery Rifle CF/SB Aggregate Trophy and to Robert J Tonner who collected the LBP/LBR Aggregate Trophy.

Not everyone can be the winner, so thank you all once again for participating over the weekend.

2017 04 JSPC Open Prize List v1

2017 04 JSPC Open Results v1

Somewhat familiar?? Think Starwars. Lea finds her “JSPC Ewok”

Robert also collected one of the Easter eggs donated by Norman for an impromptu LBP/LBR Man v Man friendly.

As usual, I was busy with the camera, so here are some photos taken over the weekend.