German Open 2014, November 2014

Thanks to Jonny Cormie and Scott Lyon for this contribution to our website. Well done lads!

I hope this will encourage other Scottish shooters to make the journey next year.

The 2014 German Open

November 14, 2014 – November 16, 2014, Leitmar Ranges, Leitmar, Germany

Scotland Gallery Rifle Shooters Make Their Mark in Germany

Two of Scotland’s Gallery Rifle Team Shooters made the trip to Germany this year to compete in the German Open, held at the fantastic Leitmar range complex in Germany. Scott Lyon and Jonny Cormie made the trip by air from Aberdeen to Frankfurt and then drove the 2hrs or so to get to Marsberg, the nearest major conurbation to Leitmar, the whole journey taking less time that it takes to drive from Dundee to Bisley! This was aided by some stretches of Autobahn that allowed us to get the hire car (Meitwagen) up to 209km/h (129mph), all perfectly legally although perhaps at the limit of a Vauxhall Meriva’s abilities! After some initial confusion as to where we were to be staying, we ventured out to find that the range itself was only 15 minutes or so from our hotel.

Heading out to see the ranges we were greeted warmly by our German friends and shown around their excellent range complex. We were to be using 2x 25m ranges, 1x 50m range and the 50m point of their 100m range, which are all indoors and all well let and ventilated, perhaps too well in the latter case as the temperature inside the ranges was often lower than the outside temp, which we are informed was unseasonably mild. The range also featured a comfortable club house/bar area with kitchen so you were never stuck for something to eat or for après shooting drinks, which I know would appeal to some of you who are into that “beer” stuff; I’ve never seen the appeal personally. Service here was provided by Leitmar’s answer to Joint Services Pistol Club’s “Tam the Pie” in the shape of “Tiger” (the Schnitzel?).

The competition itself was held from Friday to Sunday and was quite laid back in format in that only the 1500 and PP2 were squadded. The shorts were run as and when required and allowed for a late start for any that had over indulged the night before, not that either member of the Scotland Team were guilty of that…

Despite only fielding two members, Scotland managed to make a good showing in the results with Scott Lyon winning Multi Target Smallbore (117) and Jonny Cormie taking a 3rd in 1500 Smallbore (1481) behind John Robinson (1485) and winner Keith Cox (1491). A solid 1500 from Scott added to Jonny’s 3rd also meant that Scotland’s two man team managed a 2nd in the pairs event for this. A scratch team of the two Scotland members along with JSPC regulars Angie Forster and Doug Green managed a 2nd place medal too. Other highlights were a win and a 2nd for Jonny Cormie with the .30” Calibre M1 Carbines. Shot on the Smallbore targets with issued iron sights only, these were fantastic fun to use, given you got one that ran reliably and shot to point of aim!

On the social side we are indebted to Deitmar and Anna for their hospitality on Saturday night. A huge spread was laid on for all of the international shooters and range officers and there was no shortage of liquid refreshments, including Deitmar’s sweet but deadly home brew cider. Various estimates placed this at between 10% and 14% in strength. Upon learning this and afraid that Scott might make a scene, your Team Captain/Cultural Attaché drank a sufficient quantity of this in order to create a distraction. Most present would agree that this was quite successful. If nothing else it allowed Jonny to fulfil a GB Team pre-requisite of being “Deitmar’d” at least once!

I thoroughly recommend everyone to make the trip to Leitmar, especially next year for the World Championships. It would be great to see us field a few teams and support Team GB in securing the World Championship.

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