The 2014 Nationals Results and Photos


Thanks to David Guest for his assistance in taking this photo.


The Nationals results are now on the website.

Scotland unfortunately only managed to come in third place behind England and Wales.

The CF and SB teams were clearly rattled by the long delays during the first match of TP1 which took well over one hour to complete. Obviously our composure did not match our camaraderie.

Multi Target results were disappointing with poor scores recorded well below the team averages, and consequently lost us the match.

Congratulations to England on a solid performance.

ENGLAND       3307   249X

WALES           3286   227X

SCOTLAND     3275   211X

On a positive note, the Scotland teams performed bravely and remained cheerful throughout the delayed events, and apart from the National match, the squad brought home many medals.

21 Gold Medals, 20 Silver, 9 Bronze -( Place Medals)

Very worthy of note is Norman Veitch Jnr, who at the Phoenix 2014 won the prize for the best performing newcomer to Bisley.

In addition to collecting several medals this trip, he created a new British Record in the Advancing Target Smallbore with a score of 297 with 40X just overriding John Robinson’s previous record of 297 also, but before the days of X counts. (John may well have some words on this!)

I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Norman on this historic achievement.

JSPC members came home with eight Gold Medals, shared by Norman, David, Robert J and his father Robert. Well done all of you.


JSPC Gold medals

JSPC Gold medals


Colin will be doing some analysis of the results which will be published in due time.

I would like to thank David R for taking charge of my camera and producing a wonderful record of the events of the weekend.

Should anyone have any objections to their photo being displayed, please contact JSPC, easiest via

We would ALL like to thank Debbie and her team at London and Middlesex for giving up some of their holiday weekend to open on Sunday evening. Originally insisting on closing, they took pity on the poor travellers and waited till after the prize giving to serve us a welcome dinner and drinks till late into the night. Their hospitality is very much appreciated.


In addition to the HCNM, Neil offered to collate the scores for a TP1 event as a “taster” for possible future extension of the CF and SB matches. The countries were asked to put forward teams of 5 (best 4 to count) in TP1 LBP and LBR.

Here are the results:

The LBR Match

Scotland        1167.29
England         1164.24
Wales               868.11 (only 3 shooters)

(Taff – your last shooter would have needed a 300 to win it)

The LBP Match

Wales            1178.34
Scotland        1175.40
England         1171.45


Alan    Podevin             287     3
Colin   McMichael         294     11
David   Guest               295     12
Morne   Van Dalen        295     19
John    Shine                285     1
                                 1171    45
Peter   Watts                 293     7
John    Shine                  295     1
David   Guest                 287     8
Morne   Van Dalen          289     8
Colin   McMichael           286     5
                                   1164    24
Clive   Ferguson        297     5
Taff    Wilcox             296     13
Marek   Pawlik          293     9
Terry   Fry                 292     7
                              1178    34
Dave    Meaby         281     4
Marek   Pawlik        298     1
Terry   Fry               289     6
???     ???                    
                              868     11
J       Crouch         295     12
G       Gordon       289     8
L       Kong           295     1
R J    Tonner         296     19
C       Bestwick     281     4
                          1175    40
S       Lyon            292     6
C       McLean       289     5
G       Rastall        294     12
R       Tonner         292     6
J       Cormie         274     1
                          1167    29

The results were close and I believe it is going to be a popular addition to the weekend.

This will also mean possible 4 x teams of 5 taking part at the Nationals, allowing more members to participate with a choice of four guns. Lots of time to practise before the Phoenix 2015!

Lastly, I would like all shooters to raise their glasses to thank Neil Francis for all his input at Bisley and his website. He (as do the team of Range Officers) donates all his time and effort to run these events at Bisley and without his input, I really cannot see them happening!

Thank you Neil, and keep up the good work. I hope that the NRA appreciates you as much as we do.


Bisley Nationals 2014 001

Pre-match dinner at L&M


Bisley Nationals 2014 041

A very long wait while Graham sorts his broken Marlin

Bisley Nationals 2014 130

This must be a ritual to aid victory???

Bisley Nationals 2014 149

Melville cabaret?

Bisley Nationals 2014 033 Bisley Nationals 2014 047 Bisley Nationals 2014 052 Bisley Nationals 2014 059

Bisley Nationals 2014 007Bisley Nationals 2014 098 Bisley Nationals 2014 101 Bisley Nationals 2014 104 Bisley Nationals 2014 004 Bisley Nationals 2014 117 Bisley Nationals 2014 118 Bisley Nationals 2014 122 Bisley Nationals 2014 129 Bisley Nationals 2014 145 Bisley Nationals 2014 150 Bisley Nationals 2014 169 Bisley Nationals 2014 195 Bisley Nationals 2014 201 Bisley Nationals 2014 202 Bisley Nationals 2014 204 Bisley Nationals 2014 221 Bisley Nationals 2014 234 Bisley Nationals 2014 239 Bisley Nationals 2014 242 Bisley Nationals 2014 245

Bisley Nationals 2014 008

The wailing wall……

Bisley Nationals 2014 009

Bisley Nationals 2014 014 Bisley Nationals 2014 026 Bisley Nationals 2014 027 Bisley Nationals 2014 033 (2)

Refreshments at the bar of the L&M

Refreshments at the bar of the L&M