PHOENIX 2014 at Bisley

Showers and sunshine over the weekend made for a horrid drive down to Bisley and on the ranges competitors were constantly being surprised by the weather.

A record number of competitions were shot and I believe by a record number of entrants. Check out the NRA website once all the figures are produced.

I am proud to announce that several JSPC members collected Gold medals with Norman Veitch winning the 2014 overall prize for the most points won by a newcomer to Bisley. Well done Norman and well deserved.

David Rees did well to win gold as did R J Tonner, William Paterson and Brain Murphy.

GR SQUAD RESULTS UPDATE compiled by Colin:

The Phoenix is now been and gone. As usual, the prize giving was well populated by the blueshirts. We took a crop of Place medals: 15 Gold, 15 Silver and 11 Bronze ! Standard Scores gave us 18 Gold, 38 Silver,and 48 Bronze. In addition we gained 6 Grand Masters with Norman taking the prize for Best Newcomer – and a Grand Master — at his first attempt.  We now have three members of the squad selected for the Great Britain squad. Jon, Greg and Glenn. Jon shot in the GB team which swept the field in the International 1500 match on the Monday.

Scotland Gallery Rifle Squad travelled down in vast numbers but failed to win top prize with England taking Gold in centrefire and Wales in smallbore aggregate of TP1 plus Multi Target. However still the Nationals to come in August, so time for some more practise.

Some photos attached here show some of the prize giving ceremony.

Aberdeen club collected the Team prizes for centrefire AND smallbore (aggregates of TP1 + MT), also several individual medals as did Dundee club

Our congratulations to Jonnie Cormie who has been invited to join the GB Team as are Greg Rastall and Glenn Gordon. Well deserved and a tribute to Scottish shooters.

I am certain that there are lots more on the sidelines as has been shown by the high quality of shooting at Bisley

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Dundee TURD AWARD went to Mike

Dundee TURD AWARD went to Mike


Leslie presents the Phoenix 2014 Top Newcomer trophy to Norman

Leslie presents the Phoenix 2014 Top Newcomer trophy to Norman

Then of course to the L&M where the staff kindly waited for us and produced a very pleasant and welcome dinner.

Redecorated and with a varied menu, the L&M was a very comfortable retreat, and you can see, the bar has an added attraction.

(Published with her kind permission!)

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