Three days entries combined into one photo! Photos by Leslie. Graphic Editor: Johan den Heijer

Glenn Gordon winner of the LBP +LBR Aggregate

Chris Douglas winner of the GRCF + GRSB Aggregate

dscf5722 JSPC would like to thank all those who travelled to partake in this year’s Autumn Action Weekend at Colmsliehill, and to all the club members who assisted over the three days.

We witnessed a rain free weekend, very unusual, and a great turnout of competitors who travelled from Whitehaven, Newcastle, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Even more encouraging was to see some new faces on the scene. Long may it continue.

Norman has kindly compiled the results (with thanks to David R for writing the program) and they are attached here in pdf form for you to download.



These are the final results as the time limit for protests has now passed.

The results show:

Chris Douglas as overall aggregate winner of GRCF + GRSB

Glenn Gordon as overall aggregate winner of LBR + LBP

Our congratulations to them and to everyone who took part in the events. There can only be one winner and all the medals were thoroughly deserved with some very close competition at all stages.

**** Great news for JSPC and Scotland was Norman Veitch creating a new UK record in Phoenix A Open Class with a score of 197 29X. Well done Norman!

Special thanks to Pauline for stepping in (“volunteered” by me) to serve up some very welcome food and refreshments on Saturday and Sunday. She was also persuaded to compete in the competitions and produced some very respectable scores!

Here are some photos of the weekend for your albums.

Prize winners shown were those who were present on Sunday. Scott and Jonny from Dundee were absent at that time, but had produced some great winning scores on Saturday.

Should anyone object to their photos online, please contact the JSPC address:


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