Dear Competitors,

Competitors should have received their squadding details by email, but for those not on our records, I hope this will be of assistance (Leslie)

Please find attached the squadding notices for each of the three days of the 2019 JSPC Spring Open. Please check and advise me of any issues ASAP.

For Friday, the R/O day, the actual squadding will be decided on the day, to allow R/Os to shoot — so the squadding notices serve ONLY as a list of what is to be shot, by whom — not as a shooting schedule.

For Saturday and Sunday, note that timings are to some extent approximate — try to arrange to arrive at the range at least 30 minutes before your first detail.

I BELIEVE that catering will be provided, with our new kitchen in place. However, I would recommend you bring snacks and drinks at the least, and if you are vegetarian, etc., you may prefer to provide your own lunch.

Your scorecards will be available for collection on arrival at the Reception portacabin. Each competitor will be given an individualised set of scorecards for the events entered; please check this set to ensure it is correct as soon as possible.

For those of you who plan to pay as you collect scorecards, we are happy to accept cheques and/or cash. 

The Met Office forecast for our range this weekend looks benign, with mostly overcast conditions, temperatures around 12C, and light to moderate winds. Do be aware that the weather can change suddenly, and I advise that you bring warm/waterproof clothing with you — you never know!

Stats will be posted in the clubhouse a couple of times each day. Please help the Stats process by placing your completed scorecards in the box at the back of the range as frequently and as speedily as you can.

The prize giving ceremony will be held shortly after shooting stops on Sunday afternoon — typically about 15 to 20 minutes after the last shot is fired. If you are able to attend, you will be very welcome. It takes about 20 minutes.

Provisional results will be posted out via this email list (created specifically for this Open ONLY) on the evening of Sunday 21st, and will also appear on the JSPC website. Challenges will be accepted until 5pm on Thursday 25th April, after which the results will become Final. If you would like your email added to the separate list maintained to announce our Open competitions, please reply to that effect, and I’ll put you on it.

I wish you all the very best of luck in our forthcoming Open. See you this weekend!


JSPC Squadding

PS. This email address (jspc_uk@outlook.com) is only for JSPC Open competition squadding; please contact jspcsecretary@btinternet.com for any other matters. Note that this email account is only monitored in the six weeks prior to a JSPC Open.

PPS. Email addresses are stored for the distribution of information concerning JSPC Open events. If you wish your email address removed from the email list, please reply letting me know, and I’ll do so immediately.

Due to a late entry, a slight revision to the squadding plan for Sunday has been made. No changes to the existing squadding for T&P1 or PH A were needed, but some changes have occurred for MT — please check the attached file for details. Any issues — let me know!