Many thanks to the team of members who turned out today to help with the range work.

This all started on Friday when, thanks to Robert Tonner (Jnr) with the help of Robert (Senior’s) credit card, a new generator arrived to be greeted by a team of members including Colin Oswald, Joey, Bill Pow, Duncan and Malcolm.

Futhermore, a mini digger was hired to help with the deleading of the sand backstop.

The above welcome party spent a strenuous morning installing the generator into its shed, no mean feat for a machine weighing several hundred kilos. The mini digger was much more fun for all it seems and much work was acheived.

Sunday produced some keen workers, a very good turnout of the usual helpers, (where were the rest of the members???) and much work was done inside and out. Firing area washed, wheels changed, portacabin cleared and ceiling repair started, backstop deleaded, solar panel to charge the target turner battery fitted, hedge cut, weeds sprayed, hillside steps to flag cleared, clubroom cleaned, new kitchen floor laid, old kitchen area cleared. Work did not finish till well after 5.00pm

However, despite all our efforts, illness of some of our more technical members means we have had to hire a professional joiner to help instal our new kitchen. This will take some of the load off persons like Colin who has had to take on much more than envisaged.

All these matters have eaten into the club funds but it will make us even more comfortable in the future.

We are already have one of the best facilities in the whole of the UK and we should remain proud of that.

I would like to see all members put a bit of effort into looking after that legacy.

We still have more to do this year, for example; painting the new kitchen area, repainting the clubroom and the portcabin, and outside the entrance slope has to be made more car friendly. New target boards need to be purchased, then cut to size and shaped.

If everyone does a little, the work will be much easier for all. Please also remember, the range and clubhouse have to be tidied after every shooting day. Some members arrive or leave before all the tasks of setting up and tidying away are completed.

Here are some of the photos I took today:


DSCF4866 DSCF4868 DSCF4869 DSCF4870 DSCF4872 DSCF4875 DSCF4877 DSCF4878 DSCF4880 DSCF4881 DSCF4882 DSCF4886 DSCF4887 DSCF4889