The year 2020 has been a worldwide catastrophe for the human race.

Covid 19 has caused or accelerated the deaths of millions and devastated world events and economies.

Likewise, shooting sports have suffered.

The amazingly speedy production of vaccines has given hope for the future and hope that we will return to some form of normality in the near future.

“Normality” as we knew it will of course never be the same, at least, not for many months or years.

JSPC has reopened the range as restrictions allow, but please be very aware of the rules for attendance. Our Secretary has been very busy keeping the membership regularly updated via email. You are advised to keep checking government rulings regarding the TIER systems with possible restrictions of movement and car sharing.

Colin has worked hard to produce a 2021 calendar (attached) but be aware that things may well change and please try to contact the Secretary if in doubt.

Other events around the UK have also made plans for 2021 and these can be found on www/ website.